Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Time for a Quick Tour

It’s 75 degrees outside so took time for a quick tour around the park.  I’ve been down with a killer of a migraine headache for a few days but am finally back on my feet again (thank goodness!!). 

We received a letter in our mailboxes saying the sales office has a drawing on display for the next phase of construction.  This next phase will introduce two bedroom two bath Village Homes on the Golf Course (200 spaces).  The resort will be breaking ground April 2012 constructing all the roads, moving the ball field and RV storage preparing to bring in village homes around July/August of 2012.  Soooo….I hurried up to the sales office for a glimpse of the map.  Here ya go:


I tried to zero in on the ballfield and new pickleball courts.  Remember to use “Control” and the + key to zoom in for a better view.  Use “Control” and the – key to zoom out again.


There are two model homes already under construction at 1957 and 1956.



There was a construction truck blocking my view for a better picture but I’ll get more later.


The new Casita model is still coming along nicely too.



I couldn’t see inside the sewing room to check on progress, but new entrance ramps are now in place.


This summer will keep me and my little camera quite busy taking photos of all the action!

Other than new construction, our residents continue to find entertainment.  These photos were donated by the water aerobics gals.

Water Pic3



These are just some snapshots while on my morning tour.

“Puzzle People”


“Busy Librarians”


“Happy Golfers”




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