Monday, January 23, 2012

This Week

All aboard for the bus to the Arizona Opry!  What fun!  Not a single complaint about this entire entertaining evening.  The bus was nice and comfy giving us a smooth ride and a friendly driver, the roast beef dinner was delicious, and the entertainment was FANTASTIC! 


Did you know that George (the lead singer at the Opry) was the lead singer for the Tokens when they recorded “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”?  He is an extremely talented musician and vocalist.  Everyone on stage was GREAT, but George tops the list.  He can play every instrument on the stage and in one song he played the electric piano with one hand and played his trumpet with the other.  He can play the sax right side up or upside down.  Makes no difference.  We were there for the Rock and Roll show … and ROCK they did.  Awesome!




Saturday was another patio sale here in the park.  I was slow to pull out the camera and wish I would have taken more photos….but….oh well.  Some of our residents had tables out to sell their hand-made crafts.  Such talented people!  I did get a couple pictures of Ken Johnson and his wood projects.  Look at this beautiful collection of wine stoppers. 



I held my first official computer classes this week and learned a LOT.  From now on, I’ll split the Picasa class into a Level 1 and a Level 2.  There is so much COOL stuff to learn about the program that it is impossible to cram it all into one class.  Watch for future sessions on the clipboard in the Activities Office (Computer Classes).

class one Picasa

Picasa Class


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