Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday Night & Tuesday Craft Fair

Monday night was Bingo night as usual except we had a bigger January crowd.  During the break, I wandered over through the office area and noticed this huge painting that I hadn’t seen before.  I guess I haven’t really taken a close look at the lobby lately because it is usually packed full of incoming guests waiting to register. 


All new furniture this year.

lobby blog

I stopped in the SanTan room to say hello to the card making group…stamping…paper design…or whatever the group is called.  There are so many fun hobbies to take up our time.  Look at the beautiful handiwork they create.


Here are some sample cards by Nikki Rainha (pictured at left).   I hope these crafters will display their works and sell some of their handiwork at the Palm Creek artists show on Thursday, March 1.  That’s another date to make sure is boldly engraved on your calendar.

Nikki cards


I’m guessing that scrapbooking is another active and creative hobby.

Maureen cards

Today (Tuesday) was another one of our famous craft shows.  How fun!  It was a beautiful sunshiny day so the place was crowded with eager shoppers. 

craft fair

Some of our local ‘creekers’ had their own booth to display and sell their handiwork.  Here is Dale Merschman and his wife showing off Dale’s wood carving talents. 

Dale Merschman MN wood carving craft fair

From a scrap piece of bark comes some amazing art work.

wood carving

wood carving craft fair

Lu Johnson and her hubby were there again with their fantastic pueblo houses.  Lu creates all the little characters, bowls, accessories in pottery and then delicately hand paints them.  I bought one of these little houses a couple years ago so eagerly look for their booth at every craft fair so I can add one more piece to my collection.  It is so HARD to limit myself to just one piece each month!

Lu Johnson IA craft fair

pueblo village craft fair

Bob Hernick displays his craftsmanship with a saw blade and creates some beautiful artwork.  I have several of his pieces in my living room too.

bob Hernick wood carving

Bob Hernick wood carving

Joan is there with her beautiful paintings.  Oh to have that kind of talent!

Joan painting

Joan painting


Bob Horvet was carving away at another of his creations.  Look at the awesome Santa Claus selection!

bob horvet MN wood carving

bob Horvet Wood carvings

George Waters is famous for the uniquely designed earrings he creates but I’m always fascinated by the beautiful workmanship on his Pegs & Jokers game boards or his Fast Track games.  If you want one, you’d better place an order with him as they sell faster than he can create stock.

George Waters wood

Of course, these fun events couldn’t exist without the flotilla of volunteers working behind the scenes.  After wandering through all the booths, we headed out to the sunshine on the patio for a delicious lunch.  I stuck my camera in through the window to try to capture the army at work.  They really have to be organized to handle the volumes they serve. 

kitchen craft fair

And…..let’s not forget the men at the grill.  Dang…….those hamburgers are delicious!

cook craft fair

I had to smile as I made my way back to the parking lot when I saw all the bicycles out front.   I know I can speak for myself and a good number of friends who admit they hadn’t been on a bicycle for years until they moved into Palm Creek. 

bikes craft fair

Of course, the parking lot for golf carts was crowded too.  That’s our mode of alternative fuel transport.

carts craft fair

To top off the day, we smiled as we watched the Geico banner sailing overhead.  I’m guessing our cropduster wanted to put his plane to good use.

plane banner

It was another fantastic day in our beautiful resort.  Do any of you readers have photos you’d like to share?

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