Thursday, January 12, 2012


This morning at our weekly Computer Club meeting, we had some special guest speakers from the Casa Grande Cartridge World store on Florence Boulevard.  Meet owners Dennis and Yvonne Jenkins.  What an interesting and informative presentation!  Dennis and Yvonne showed us the inside of our ink cartridges and explained how they work.

cartridge world

They also showed how the quality/quantity of ink has changed recently. The sponge pad area of the cartridge is what holds the ink. The bottom cartridge is the previous model, the top cartridge is what we’re buying today. Notice the big empty air pocket! It’s like our boxes of cereal – same size box but lots less contents! Click over to our Computer Club blog for more photos and detail: PALM CREEK COMPUTER CLUB   Thank you Dennis and Yvonne for a very informative meeting!



As I walked past the San Tan room later in the day, I could hear the cheerful sound of the chorus hard at work practicing for the upcoming spring musical.  The door was slightly ajar so I poked my camera inside for a quick picture of the group hard at work. 


I was going to take a quick hidden video when conductor Betty started yelling stop stop stop. I ran for cover because I thought she was yelling at me as an interruption. As it turns out, she never saw me….she was just busy at work to get the gang back on the correct track. It makes for a cute story though.

Around the corner folks were busy having more fun at the card tables.

cards handandfoot

While outdoors in the wonderful sunshine, lawn bowlers were playing a match while our dedicated landscape employees were hard at work keeping our resort beautiful.  I sure hope you all give them a friendly wave and say thank you when you walk by.

lawn bowls

Golf lessons were underway out on the course.

golf lessons

Have you seen the new parking area over by the north pavillion?  Good idea to give them some dedicated parking space!

doggie park

doggie park

AND….Ranger Bob was on duty with radar gun in hand keeping an eye on traffic!  SLOW DOWN and drive safely.

Ranger Bob


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