Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday Night Bunco

Sandi Feller started a Bunco group that meets on Tuesday nights for the summer. What a riot! We've had three tables playing and tonight was a blast. At the ringing of the bell, we start playing until the lead table hits a Bunco or a team at their table scores 21. The other tables are struggling and shaking dice as rapidly as we can to gather points before the bell rings. If you hit a Bunco, the coveted Bunco teddy bear comes flying across the room and you get to hold him till the next Bunco is reached. Many of the rounds come down to the last seconds so there's plenty of yelling and high fives at the end.

We gathered at the end of the evening for some group shots and pictures of the triumphant winners. We had each contributed $1 to the kitty so the winners could have a cash prize to celebrate. Thank you, Sandi, for bringing another entertaining evening to us summer residents.

And the winners were:

Linda Berry - Most Buncos $4

Sue Hepler - Most Wins $3

Sandi Feller - Last Bunco $2

Nikki & Marion had a "roll off" tie breaker for most losses. - $2

Marion won the prize money but I don't know if she was real proud of the title!

Pat won the consolation
prize so at least got her dollar back.

Lots of laughs, lots of fun, and lots of new friends.

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