Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another Motel in Town

The old thermometer almost touched the triple digits today so it was a good day to stay inside or at least hunker down in the shade for a while. Tonight I headed for the big swimming pool to celebrate the heat. I wasn’t the only one by any means. There were at least 10-12 of us up there enjoying a dip under the full moon.

Most of the folks were chatting about the Cinco de Mayo party we enjoyed in the ballroom yesterday. Talk about great food! We were all to bring a Mexican dish to feed four people. I think we all brought enough to feed twice that many so there was plenty to go around even for those of us who were at the end of the line. We were also treated to delicious fried ice cream for dessert. Sure wish I could have gotten some of those recipes so Don could recreate a couple of those tasty dishes. (Just a reminder that I don’t cook but I collect recipes for Don and leave them out in convenient places for him to find. It works quite well.)

Latest Casa Grande construction news: They’re going to build another big motel in town behind the Dairy Queen by Highway 10 intersection. It is going to be a LaQuinta Inn. I can’t imagine how all those motels can stay in business and compete against each other but construction is scheduled to start soon as we’re making blueprint copies at the print shop where I work. Will keep you posted with the progress.

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