Sunday, May 24, 2009


We had an unfortunate incident here last week when some kids went on a lark and broke into several cars and sheds in the park. No homes were entered that I'm aware of, but cars, sheds, and bicycles seemed to be their target. One resident lost all his remote control cars from his shed which is really sad. Some tools were missing too. I feel the intruders were kids as they stole bikes, then rode around in the park and would leave them in random places while they hopped on another bike and took off again. They were discovered by a woman who was out walking her dog around 4:30 a.m. She saw them riding a three-wheeled motorized bike that she may have recognized as not belonging to them. She notified security and police were soon on the scene. They found miscellaneous items thrown over the wall of the park that hadn't yet been retrieved. No culprits were apprehended, however.

After hearing the news the next morning, Don and I hopped in our golf cart and immediately toured all our housewatch homes to check for damage. I'm happy to report that all were safe and secure. We did find an abandoned bicycle on one of the sites and reported it to the front gate. It was indeed one that had been stolen.

Our June "Happenings" newsletter came out soon after with an article by Wendell Johnson regarding Crime Prevention. Along with some suggestions for further security, he announced that we're having a meeting to discuss better security on June 17 at 10 a.m. in the SanTan room. We'll be there for sure and will report any announcements made at that time.

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