Friday, May 22, 2009

Rainy Day

Thought I'd post this photo of what it looks like when we have a light spring rain in Arizona. Few people get to see it....including those of us who live here full time! It felt wonderful to sit on the patio for morning coffee, listen to the soft raindrops falling, the pretty song of the finches singing to lure a mate, the ever present cooing of the doves, and feel the COOL breeze with the temperature hovering around 68-70. Awesome morning! It is quite uncanny how the few rainy days we have always seem to correspond with all the graduation ceremonies at the schools. Just when plans are underway to hold those huge commencement ceremonies in the outdoors, the schools wind up scrambling to change locations due to rain. My sympathies reach out to them as that was one of my responsibilities as senior advisor when I was teaching many moons ago. Now I get to sit back and just enjoy the rain.

The second photo above also gives you a nice view of the rows of palm trees. Many of you may never get to see wide open spaces in the resort because when you come back, there are already so many RVs to block the full view.

Don and I were also discussing the palm trees and how they change throughout a year. In this photo, you can see the start of the bottom branches as they start to die off. By the end of summer, they get more and more shaggy. Then comes season pre-prep time when the park sends the landscapers out to trim the palms and make them pretty and fresh again for your return. In the fall, you folks back east will be raking we trim the palms. Have a great day!

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