Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cactus Blooms & Chat

Cactus Blooms:

Had to get my camera out again this morning to capture some of the beautiful and unusual cactus blooms that you snowbirds never get to see. The cactus plants themselves are so varied and very defensive as they certainly don't allow you to reach out and caress their soft petals!

These red beauties are at Site 1121. I don't know the owners so can't provide a name but they certainly have a beautiful plant. I have no idea how you would ever plant one of these prickly monsters, but they certainly have beautiful flowers.

This unusual critter resides behind Site 1705 at Frank and Joanie's house. Beautiful!!


Thanks for the words of encouragement from all our avid readers of this blog. Your response has been so rewarding. We had over 100 hits this past week. I even received a voice mail from a resident who called all the way from Winnipeg Canada to say how much she enjoyed reading the postings. Thank you, Ann. I certainly look forward to meeting you when you return this fall.

To help pass the hours while we cower inside avoiding the mid-day heat, I joyfully spend time at various computer games too. I used to think of computer games as just a waste of time with shoot-em-up games or racing cars....until I discovered a game site called "Big Fish Games". They have all sorts of games but by far my favorite genre is the Hidden Object games. A detailed photo emerges with a list of hidden objects to find plus many of the games have challenging puzzles to solve as well. I've gotten a good number of friends hooked into my addiction and I really laugh when they call long distance cause they're stuck in a game and need some guidance. If you have time to kill, look over the site and see if you're interested. I read an article in AARP magazine that says we "seniors" need to keep our brains stimulated. These games are a fun cure and I guarantee you'll enjoy sharing them with your grandchildren as well. If you want some recommendations, send me an email and I'll send you a list of the ones i've found to be fun. You can download the games and play one hour for free. If you like the game, it costs $6.99 to purchase on line. Here's a link to a particular game I enjoy.

With this being the end of another month, we watched a number of rigs pulling out again this morning. Jim and Diane Reese also left for cooler temperatures this morning. Don and I were the lucky beneficiaries of their leftover groceries from their refrigerator before they left. I always volunteer to take leftovers when folks leave. It's a great way to sample new foods....especially salad dressings, jellies, and occasionally BEER. Diane left us a jar of Italian Antipasto olives with fresh garlic, herbs & Napa Valley Chardonnay. Fantastic!! I can't wait to chop some up in my salad plus I know they'll really add zing to my next bloody mary if I can avoid sneaking them out of the jar as snacks till then. Thank you, Diane!


Do any of you keep a website or blog about your travels? Please send me a link if you do and I'll add it on the sidebar of this blog.


  1. Marjorie Henderson1:02 PM

    Hi Sue:

    We are winter visitors to PC ( pet section), really enjoy your blogs , keeping us informed of life in the park after we snowbirds depart. I, too,am a big fan of BigFish Hidden Object Games. Keep up the great work.

    Marjorie Henderson

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