Monday, May 11, 2009

Grapevine News

GRAPEVINE NEWS: The “grapevine” says that the Activities Office will close for the summer. All of our summer events have already been scheduled and organized so the office can close for the quiet season. All inquiries, tickets, etc will be handled at the front desk through Gary and Valerie as they’ll be the only two on fulltime staff. Hearsay has it that the Sales Office will move into the Activities office to avoid air conditioning their separate building. Sounds like an economically wise decision. Mind you…….this is all grapevine news as there hasn’t been any kind of formal announcement.

Alice has cut back her hours and is going to retire! She has truly been a hard-working dedicated person in that Activities Office! She and hubby, Bob, have certainly devoted themselves to Palm Creek and assuring that residents have a great time. I personally say….THANK YOU, ALICE for all your long hours and assistance. (This I heard from Alice herself.)

Next item of grapevine news is that Ann (Diane Gaines’ assistant) will step up to fill Alice’s shoes. Ann will bring all the organizational skills she has developed while working in Special Events so will make a great candidate for the Activities position. I hear that Sandy Feller will move into Ann’s desk and will be assisting Diane. Sandy’s energetic and charismatic appeal will be a great fit. Pat Mitchell will transfer from part time in the mail room to full time as kitchen assistant with Marilyn. I guess these moves will take place late summer or fall. Chuck Heiser and Pacho have left the Palm Creek staff. I haven’t heard about possible replacements but will keep you posted. News spreads pretty fast here on campus.

CASA GRANDE NEWS: The new public library to be in joint use with Vista Grande High School at Cottonwood Lane and Arizola Road, will open soon and the school is nearing completion. Widening of Cottonwood between Trekell and Henness Roads is an ongoing project due to be completed in August. Construction of a new sports complex at Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort will begin soon.

There is a new building behind the Wells Fargo bank out at the Promenade Mall. The new building is a dentist office called “Promenade Smiles” and features new equipment where a small camera scans the mouth and can be watched on a monitor as the dentist explores your teeth. I’ve seen these in use in Algodones and always wondered why we didn’t have that technology available here. Finally we do.

**….and a bit of NATIONAL news….Hope you purchased “forever stamps” cause the price of mailing a letter increased to 44 cents as of this Monday and a postcard now costs 28 cents. I’m sure that means we’ll have better service, correct??

BLOG NEWS: Notice that I've added a couple new links to the right side of the blog page. Tom and Mary Williams keep a great journal/website of their travels and have lots of photos and stories from Palm Creek as well. Jerry & Judy MacDonald have recently started a webpage of their travels. Dave Shannon has created a separate website for the softball teams and will be posting the game schedules next season. Rosemary Reese has worked hard on maintaining the pickleball website. Remember Chris and Jim Gould with their classes and seminars called "Geeks on Tour"?? They have an awesome website with loads of computer information and helpful classes. Check it out sometime.....and tell them Sue sent you.

Asbestos Cancer
Asbestos Cancer

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