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Quilters & Sewers Blog

I was just surfing through the Palm Creek blogs at and came across the sewers blog.  I'm not a member but I just like to graze through the sites to keep in touch with what is happening around the park.  WOW!!!  I am so impressed by the Quilters & Sewers here.  Just look at all the stuff they have happening in their group of enthusiasts.  

  Sew What's New? January 16, 2018

****Time Change!!!!   In Ballroom at 10:00--class sign ups at 9:30  Don't forget this meeting is our raffle  within our group. $ 1.00 to $5.00 give you chances at  lots of great prizes. (Don't forget to pull your tickets apart and put half in your bra until draw lib! lol)
  • HUGE FABRIC SALE.  We will be selling a portion of Nancy Duitsman's fabric starting at 1 p.m. on Friday, January 19th in the Sewing Room.  There will be Fat Quarters and Fat Quarter bundles, 1/2 yard and 1 yard pieces, plus other sizes and bundles.   There are some wool kits, embroidery supplies, yarn, many batiks, and a large bin of homespuns along with  a large assortment of regular quilting cottons. Pricing equates to about $2.50 per yard.  Please do not open or dismantle any of the bags or bundles.  What you see is what you get!!    At the request of Nancy's husband, all of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to our guild  to be used specifically for our charity projects.  A second sale will be forthcoming as soon as we have an opportunity to inventory the remainder of her "stash."
  • DEFIBRILLATOR DEMONSTRATION  Also, on Friday, January 19th, at 10 a.m.  in the Sewing Room will be a demonstration in the use of the Park's defibrillators.
  • JANOME TRAINING -- Also, on Friday, January 19th, at 9 a.m. is training for the use of the rental Janome sewing machines.  If you are unfamiliar with the rental machines and plan to rent, please attend this class.
  • Jan 26th Welcome Back Party--Gwen Borgen working  the Quilt Raffle Table-volunteers to assist, please contact Gwen
  • February 8th Meeting and Luncheon-- Renee Farrell and Lois Kunklehave  said they will host. Thank you ladies.  Big  House will  be catering.  Our Speaker for the meeting will be Amanda Murphy Bernina Connection will have products available for sale. 
  • Reminders.  We have some Maytag Irons.----- We must return the steam dial to closed or the iron will seem like it is leaking
  • The park is aware of poor lighting in parking light, please be careful .  Try to leave your light on to light the way or pack your phone for a flashlight or use a flashlight.  Be careful.
  • Conflicting  information on the bathrooms in the Prickly Pear and Ocotillo Rooms.  The rangers WILL NOT OPEN them just for us to use the washrooms. We can use those washrooms IF the room is already in use. Be respectful. One at a time!
  • Discount cards available from June for Mulqueens $1.00 money goes into our Bank for the Group
  • Also Guild Cards to take to Joanns to get a discount card  usual discount is 10%

We would like to thank everyone who helped with QTYW last Thursday night.  It was a great night, thanks to all who helped prep food, baked dessert, did clean up etc, etc.  Also to those who sewed quilts and used their imagination and creativity to put them together for the foster kids of Casa Grande. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Marilyn and Julie 
January 24th  Carol Tata and Cheri Metzinger    Baby Blanket project
You are welcome to donate onesies to go with the flannel blankets

Feb 7th, 2018 Gwen Borgen And Marilyn Barber  Pillowcase Night
If you have fabric please donate. They would love to have it. Also remember small shampoos, toothpaste,  all of those things are useful to make little bags of toiletries.

  FART TRIPS (Fabric Accumulation Road Trips)
Bus To Phoenix Arts, Crafts & Quilt Show.  Bus meets close to Postal Boxes in the Centre area.
  • Bus will be here about 8.30 with loading by 8.45
  • Return Trip load by 2.45 P.M.
  • Leave to return  to park by 3.00P.M.  Puts us into Park shortly after 4.00P.M.
  • Drivers still needed for overflow. Riders to pay $8.00 per person to driver. See Linda Blessing or sign up in Sewing Room by sign in book. 
 ****Updates for more Fart Trips to come in February
  CLASSES--sign up at 9:45 before each meeting.

January 2018 Calendar                   February 2018 Calendar

Block of Week   You can still join (See BOW sign in desk before meetings)

New class signs ups for 1/18 Guild mtg....
  •  Reversible Tote For Beginners 2/19 & 2/26   Pat Slagter 9am-noon 
  • Sashiko Class 2/19    Gail Shannon 1-4pm
Quilt Till You Wilt - 2/7
TrunkShow 2/8 - Amanda Murphy/Bernina
* February’s Class for Beginner Paper Piecing has been CANCELLED
Frog Pincushion Class - there was a misunderstanding about class fee. Here are details for anyone that has signed up....
              $15 class fee ($5 to Guild & $10 to teacher)  Liz (teacher) will have kits available at day of class for $20. If you want to use your own fabric you can purchase just the pattern for $5.  She will have Frog eyes for sale for a $1 a pair.

   COMMUNITY QUILTING & QUILTS OF VALOR--FRIDAYS 9-12   More volunteer  help is always welcome on Friday mornings for Quilts of Valor and for Community Quilters.   Think about joining us for these worthwhile endeavours for our community.

Accuquilt Training Dates - Jan 24 @ 8:30 to accommodate those taking the class with Penny & Linda. Regular training - Jan 25, Feb 8, & 22, @ 9:00 prior to meeting. 

February 17th  Again, PLEASE  signup  to help in some way.

We would love to have everyone put something in the show.  A quilt, table runner,
pillow. Clothes you have made   Entry forms will be in the sewing room.

Don't forget the Blue Theme challenge have your item ready to enter in the Challenge.

Our Quilt Show Theme is Beyond the Blues. We need small tables/stools/chairs or large vases to cover the quilt rack legs so they are not a tripping hazard. We are also looking for music type paraphenalia...fabric, music books, LPs, music anything! Think about what you might have. We will be soliciting you soon!

Raffle Items for Quilt Show.  Please put in BOX UNDER FRONT TABLE Donate something you have made or purchase something to put for the Chinese Auction or the Silent Auction.

Quilt Show Committee Chair and Co-Chair Meeting on Monday, January 22nd at my site #661 at 1:00 PM.  At that time, we can review the recommendations from your reports submitted at our final meeting in 2017.  If you would like to have a copy of the report submitted last year prior to our meeting, please contact Karen Gittleman.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Judy Curry by email at or text my iPhone at 403-901-9379.

   MONITORS--volunteer at our meetings to be a monitor or fill your name in on a blank time on the monitor list by the sign in book in the Sewing Room. 

   MACHINE CUBBIES & STASH CUBBIES--No cubbies available.
  DOLL CLUB--THURSDAYS 1-4 (in classroom)

This week we are working on socks and tights.  Please bring a pair of Crew socks (higher than ankle socks) and a pair of knee high socks.  It would be a good idea to have a jersey or stretch needle for working with knits.


A Special Request from one of our Members

Regarding:  Soda/Can Tabs
This is Joanna Garand (Ron) from the sewing room, I'm at site 1370 Coyote moon, I'm usually there in the sewing room by now.

Our 10 year old Granddaughter Natalie, has Rasmussen Encephalitis, some of you may remember me talking about her last season.  She has had 2 brain surgeries, at Lurie's children hospital in Chicago.  With the end result of them having to remove the whole right side of the brain.  She has a very long road of recovery ahead of her.  Natalie has been living at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago, so she can continue with therapy at the Shirley Ryan ability Center, with our Daughter Jennifer, her mom, who had to leave her job to be with Natalie 24/7.  Since her last surgery in August, she is now walking with a cane, braces on both of her legs, brace on her left shoulder & torso.  Which to us is wonderful, since she couldn't walk, couldn't move her left side, couldn't even smile, had too have help with dressing & the bathroom.  She has too have speech, physical, occupational therapy, & tutoring for school.

We are asking you if you could Please save all their pull tabs form pop, soup, & beer cans. We're collecting them for the Ronald McDonald house in Chicago for all they have done for our family.  They have not asked them too pay anything while they have been staying with them.  They have provided everything our children could ask for or need. So this is a way we would love to help them back. We  would be happy to pick them up or they could drop them off if they would like at our site 1370 Coyote Moon.

We appreciate it very much. We Looking forward to arriving in Palm Creek. Thank you Again.

Have a great day,

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