Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year's Eve Dance

I really wanted to go to the ballroom and see the New Year's Eve dance as it is the first event in our new facility............but.........I was cuddled under a warm blanket recovering from the flu so I sent Don up to take some pictures for me.  It was 9:30 that night when I asked him to PLEASE go get some photos for me as the event is too important to miss on the blog.  He reluctantly went without a ticket and dressed in his blue jeans.  He stayed  about two minutes, took the photos, and came home.  He was my hero.  😀  He laughed and said he was definitely under dressed so told folks he was disguised as paparazzi.

It looks like folks were having a GREAT time!  I was anxious to learn how the seating would be arranged, etc. Looks like nice round tables at each end of the room leaving lots of space for dancing.

Line dancing is IN.

The band had plenty of room up on that new stage.

Don found Marion Nelson in a lovely dress for the occasion.
I bet she was one happy lady to have the new ballroom as promised.


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