Monday, January 22, 2018

Goodbye Sams Club

Just for curiosity, Don and I stopped at Sam's Club Saturday afternoon to see what (if anything) was left in the store.  The waiting line to enter had dissipated by the afternoon so we had immediate access and didn't have to wait in line.  WOW!  It was quite shocking to walk in and see the racks so empty. 

 There were plenty of shoppers filling their carts with whatever they thought worth buying at the terrific 50% off price.  Don and I joined in and filled our cart with items that we will eventually use.  When we got to the checkout, the cashier asked if we wanted to use our reward points toward our purchase.  Reward points???  I wasn't aware that we had any so said "sure".  WOW again!!  We had accumulated enough reward points that we got that entire shopping cart of items for FREE......and we still had $1.32 worth of credit.  What a wonderful surprise!!

Marion Nelson mentioned at the Monday morning coffee that she too will miss Sams Club because they bought so many of their supplies for the park without having to drive up to Phoenix.

Marion also reminded us that the deadline for meal tickets for the Friday carnival is fast approaching.  We can still participate in the carnival events without a meal ticket however.  Many of our clubs and organizations will be showcasing their events at display tables, so be sure to walk around and see what's available.  Bring money for alcohol.  :)

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather on Friday!  Our January weather is unpredictable for an outdoor event.  If it is too cold or inclement, the event may have to be canceled or postponed.


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