Thursday, January 25, 2018

Lunch & Drone Announcement

OMG!  Today's prime rib sandwich with onion rings was GREAT!!  
I always have to check the board to see what the day's special will be.  

Everyone agreed that the food was DELICIOUS!

I had the opportunity to be guest speaker at the Computer Club Wednesday so talked all about Picasa and Google Photos.  I hope folks enjoyed the information.

Next Wednesday, January 31, Don is going to be guest speaker and will share information about his drone and the background to taking good aerial video.  The club is open for guests so if you are interested, be sure to join us Wednesday at 9:30 in the Santan Room.

Don is also noted for his fascination with a flight simulator. 

 He decided to make another upgrade so is tearing apart his room to get ready for the new station.  

Good luck finding a place to sleep for the next couple days.

Mouse and Kat are fascinated with all the new toys they find.

Hope to see you all at the Welcome Home Carnival tomorrow.

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