Tuesday, January 09, 2018

New Kitchen is OPEN

Tuesday, December 9, just in time for the super busy craft fair.....we received the green light inspection to open the new kitchen.  It is FANTASTIC!!  Congratulations to the whole staff for making it all happen.

The new ballroom has really gotten a trial in its first week.

  • New Years Eve dance
  • Name Brand Entertainment event (Edwards Twins)
  • Saturday night dance
  • Monday morning coffee
  • Bingo
  • and today the craft fair.

Bingo now has lots of room to spread out and add more people.  See you there Monday night as I am the caller.  Let's see how many times I can call out G55.

Yes, Don and I still have our two cats but I haven't posted much lately..........mainly because I'm so busy having FUN with all the people that are here now.  Kat is keeping me company today while I write to you.

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