Tuesday, November 05, 2013

RC Flying and More

What a beautiful morning to be out and about the resort.  We could see some remote control airplanes buzzing around the airfield so we drove out to see the action.

Talk about boys and their toys!!
We saw all kinds of air craft including helicopters.
Keep your eyes to the sky.
Here's a picture of launching a glider aloft into the wild blue yonder.
We read more and more about military drones.  Here's a prime example.  Gene Bond was trying to explain to me how it works but when he got into terms like linear and logarithmic curves, variable rates, and logarithmic exponential....................I smiled, nodded my head, and wished him a good day.  LOL
That's a pretty fancy controller and probably costs more than my fancy laptop computer.
This little drone launches and lands on the table top.
On Wednesdays they sometimes have a competition among the flyers.  They place a dollar bill on the table.  Whoever can land their aircraft on the dollar, gets to keep it.
Watch the monthly activity report to see when the big fly ins are.  It should be fun to go out and watch them.
While we were out in the field, we noticed how full the storage area has become now that folks are returning in such big numbers.
Elsewhere around the park, construction continues.  The painted lines on the roads are "trying" to get done but with so much traffic already it has to be quite a challenge.
The big crunch is on to get more done in Palm Park so we can hold the Octobeer Fest party this coming Saturday.  Some quit expensive specialized soil is arriving and will be spread along the walk ways in Palm Park.  This stuff compresses like the dirt on the ballfield.
I spotted this couple putting up their Christmas decorative lighting.  Couldn't resist a photo of these eager beavers.
Over at our lovely new bistro, we spotted folks coming in for a cup of java.
A crew is working on the finishing touches.  Wait till you see the beautiful fireplace with the nice plush furniture in front of it.  Next they'll be planting these pretty trees and shrubs in front of the wall as soon as the stucco is finished.
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