Thursday, November 07, 2013

Wednesday Activity

The weatherman was more than kind again today with warmth and sunshine.  I hopped on my bike for a lovely morning ride so thought I'd share some photos from along the way.

This beautiful red hibiscus flower made me slam on the brakes for a closer view.  Wow!  It's a dandy.  Connie McKinnon certainly has a green thumb for her plants and shrubs at Site 1567 on Cole Circle.  

Next I saw Eddie from our Maintenance Dept out with the water truck flushing the sewer lines again.  He gets this chore a couple times a year.  
Our tennis players are back to enjoy their new courts!  It's so nice to see that group growing in numbers.
Over at Palm Park work continues on a feverish pace to get the area ready for our big "Octobeer" event this Saturday.  The project was held up over a month by our city fathers as they required several specific changes to the original plans.  As I understand it, we had hoped to have storage space under the floor of the stage but city fathers protested so now the internal structure is being re-engineered and it will be filled solid with a brick floor.  Thus new rebar is required.  That's okay.....I'm sure we can come up with a Plan B.

The pretty orchid tree that was in this central ring last season succomed to the hard frost last winter.  Looks like we're getting a new tree.  Can't wait to see what comes next.

Next it was time for the first computer club meeting.  Since our president is still out on the road, I filled in as guest speaker and gave a presentation on all the updates on the Palm Creek websites and club blogs PLUS a good introduction to the Nextdoor program.  If you're not logged into that program yet, talk to your neighbors and get an invitation to join.  It is a new electronic bulletin board restricted to just Palm Creek residents for buy, sell, trade.
Wednesdays are lunch on the patio days!  Today's specialty was taco salads.  There was also a rep selling ladies clothing, jewelry and watches.
Musical entertainment by Donna and Larry.  Thanks!!  Your music certainly adds to a festive atmosphere.
What a pleasure to stroll through the new bistro area.
These gals were enjoying the comfy chairs in front of the fireplace and soaked up some warm sunshine and friendly camaraderie.
Finishing touches continue.  Pretty plants now surround the walls where stucco is finished.
And there is also fun and games at the pool.  This photo should make the folks back home drool with envy.

I tend to post a lot of old timer jokes so today it's time for the younger set.

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