Saturday, November 02, 2013

Hi to the folks back home

Welcome back to the sunny state of Arizona!!  Our winter residents are coming back in droves these past few days!  The weather is gorgeous and folks are loving it.  I thought since so many folks were either on the road or were already here that the blog hits would go down but that doesn't seem to be true.  In fact, the folks that are here already are even asking why I'm not posting regularly.  You readers are so spoiled!!

One lady approached me today and asked if I would hurry up and get this water volleyball picture posted because she wants the folks back home to see her out in our beautiful sunshine having a great time while it is starting to snow back home.  Here ya go!

The pool was a busy place today.

Jack Rathert says howdy to the folks back home too.  I had to smile to see Alaska Jack in the hot tub.  I would think someone from Alaska would want ice water.  LOL
 I haven't taken many photos but I wanted to show off how lovely our new bistro looks now.  The finishing touches remain to be done but we're open for business.  This photo was taken quite late in the day so the crowd is gone already.  The place is just awesome!  Many fun times ahead.

Have a great day everyone!  
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