Monday, November 25, 2013

Beams for the Bistro

I thought I was going straight to Photo Club this morning but when I got up to the clubhouse area there was too much excitement to watch so I missed the first half of the meeting.  I had to stop and watch a crew hoist these HUGE wooden beams up to the pergola roof by the bistro.

The beams are Douglas Fir and weigh over 1200 pounds EACH.

A very careful driver managed to get this huge crane inside the fenced area.  The big boom had to reach all the way out to the street over the tree tops to pick up the beams.
Here comes Fernando with another load.
Here is the first beam ready for its sky ride over the trees.
Up Up Up
Way up high...
Then back down in place.  Next it will get sanded and finished off for painting to match the other steel beams already in place.
Here comes the last beam which had to stretch all the way over the building.
Safely locked in position.
While all the construction is happening, we could also watch the water volleyball action over in the pool.

After the last beam was in place, I headed back toward the photo club meeting but on the way I spied the Red Work sewers at their weekly session so stopped in to say Howdy and find out what they were doing.  They explained that they just get together sorta like a sewing bee and each works on their individual project.  It's a friendly time to chat and share hobby interests.

The whole area seemed to be teeming with people so thought I'd do a little tour with camera in hand.  Next came the yoga class.  The room was full but I could only get half the participants in the picture.

Oh yes!  I haven't seen the pottery room since the residents have moved in.  There were many potters busy at work......and they LOVE their new spacious room!

Making a set of rice bowls.

This is going to be a cute little garden gnome as soon as Libby can get his hat to stay on.  I love his cute little feet.

Vases and bowls in the making at the potter wheels.

Next on the line of crafters was Stained Glass.  They have all kinds of projects going on in there.  There was a table full of mosaic work.  Very nice!

Finally I got to my original destination at the photo club and I sneaked quietly through the back door in time to watch most of a video from a famous photographer.  It was a fascinating and informative talk about photo composition and I could give my little point and shoot camera a much needed rest after the morning tour.

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