Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Okay Gang......it's getting harder and harder to find time to blog!!  Too much fun going on with all the residents coming back so soon this year.  We had our big annual Welcome Home party this past Saturday and it was an overwhelming success.  There were about twice as many people as expected and the place was jumping with activity.  The only problem with this huge crowd is that our poor kitchen staff was unprepared for so many people.  We had long lines and ran out of food.  Beer was donated by Budweiser so naturally that well ran dry as well.  I don't think anyone truly suffered though as the weather was perfect, there were so many friends to chat with...........and we didn't starve either.  We munched on free potato chips, ice cream bars, and iced tea.  

Monday morning was the first meeting of the Photo Club for the season.


I'm going to join again this year but will silently sneak out the back door when they start talking about F stops, aperture settings, focal lenses, etc.  My little point and shoot camera never leaves the auto setting and suits me just fine.  I still like to attend though to see the awesome beautiful photos these folks bring to the meeting each week.  I wish there was some way to share their work so you could all see their photos.  I try to talk them into a blog of some sort but I guess they need to protect their photos as their own property.
I still learn a lot about photo composition....little tricks of the trade....where to stand and what angle to look for to get the best photo.  There is ALWAYS something to learn even for rookies like me.  I also truly enjoy the Photoshop Elements workshops they conduct.
In the afternoon, I needed to sneak into the Ocotillo Room to work on the TV connection.  Liz was conducting her card stamping class so I took the liberty of sneaking around the room to see the great projects they were completing.  
They were busy bees but also had the opportunity to chat and make new friends.
Here is the instructor.....Liz.
She must have spent her whole summer getting these kits ready for her eager students.  I guess you just choose a card kit and sit down to create your finished item.  Whenever I receive one of these beautifully handmade cards, I hate to throw them away.  
 It was a beautiful day for golf too.  There must have been some kind of special outing or something because we saw so many people backed up at this tee box.  
The golfers still had fun though.
Today was our first craft fair of the season.  Many new vendors plus some of my favorites returned.  The most fun today was having lunch with friends out on the patio....and later having a cold drink at the new bistro.  

I'll keep posting a couple times a week but no more daily posts.  I plan to keep busy with other projects.  Besides............I'm hoping management will start posting stuff on their new blog during season.  You can find it on the palmcreek website.  Go to www.palmcreekgolf.com

Then click on "My Community" and then on "Blog".  The park also has a Facebook page if you're willing to sign up for Facebook but nothing has been posted since September.  I don't think anyone has time to keep up with it.  Too much other stuff to do to keep us entertained.
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  1. Sue, you have done an outstanding job keeping all of us up to date on what's happening in Palm Creek over the summer. Thank you very much.
    Hank Olson


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