Monday, April 08, 2013

Quite a Blustery Day Today

Hi Everybody--

We didn't blow away today but it certainly was windy!  We had gusts up to 45 mph with plenty of blowing dust and dirt.  Those of us still here will be out cleaning our patios tomorrow.  Tonight (about 8:00) we had RAIN!  It was certainly a surprise as it wasn't even in the forecast.  We always appreciate our rare rain but tonight it caught a lot of us off guard.  We had a nice turn out for Bingo because of the big jackpot but when we left to go home......we left in some pretty heavy rain and wind and COLD temperatures.  Brrrr.  It's all the way down to 58 degrees right now.  Many of us got plenty wet on the way home.

Rain or no rain, I'm betting that Bill Nagy went home happy as he single handedly won the HUGE bingo jackpot of $1,000.  Congratulations, Bill!  He is a very deserving winner as he has been on the bingo committee and has been one of the callers for many years.  It was a great way to end the season.  

Don and I will be out on patrol early tomorrow morning to look for any damage around the park.  I don't think we'll find anything but we like to cruise around and look anyway.  

This morning we came across this cute mama killdeer as she guarded her nest.  These birds lay their eggs right out in an open gravel area.  They blend in very well so are well camouflaged but it certainly doesn't look like a safe nesting spot.  She stood perfectly still as we approached so we didn't want to scare her away.

Mama Roadrunner has a nest built in one of the small trees right in the middle of a parking lot here in the park.  She is so well hidden that its hard to see her.  Can't wait to see the chicks!

Thank you to Jean Riseland for sending me these photos of the sheep as they were herded down Henness Road right past our resort.  This happens once or twice a year and we've been lucky that someone from the park gets a good photo or video.  It's rather a rare sight.

We're happy to report that Steve is home from the hospital.  He'll be trussed up in his body and neck braces for the next three months.  Thank you to EVERYONE for your loving and caring thoughts for Steve and his family.  It is going to be hard for Steve to sit still and behave himself while his bones mend so we wish him well.  

I've heard a number of residents say that they are putting their projects on hold until Steve recovers but I know some of you have chores that must get done soon.  We have a new handyman in the area that we're lucky to find.  You can call Dan Stroud at 520-252-7934.  

I don't post too many items about golf since my clubs haven't been out of the bag for the last 10 years or so but I frequently receive some stuff you might enjoy viewing.  

Have a great day!


P.S.  So who is the friendly secretive Easter bunny who left that lovely chocolate bunny on my patio??  I've questioned everyone and haven't found the secret donor yet.  It's driving me crazy!!  Fess up.  Thank you whoever you are.  It was delicious!  

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