Tuesday, April 09, 2013

No Damage

It is 8:01 a.m.  Don and I just returned from a complete tour around the park to look for any wind damage from yesterday's weather.  Found a few loose shingles on a shed, a few overturned  flower pots, and some fly away rugs but nothing to be concerned about.  This stop sign just needs a little TLC.  Everyone here will be spending the morning at clean up, however, because we have LOTS of dirt, dust, mud to clean up.  Our car, golf cart....and whole patio need a bath but we rejoice for the precious rain we received.  After listening to the weather news....we were very lucky compared to the midwest!  Have a GREAT day.

From your local weather reporter............over and out.

I received this nice note from Bobbi this morning:

I stopped by Steve's house today, and ... he was home- with his full body brace and his walker! I stopped by with the food my tenants had left in my park model, and some of the canned goods I know I will not use before I leave. Give Steve or his wife Leticia a call and drop by with any of the food left in your fridge as you head back home. Steve's wife Leticia's cell is 520-414-6705, or Steve's cell, as we all know, is 520-414-3322.  Steve is scheduled for no activity for the next 90 days and already frustrated and bored.
Bobbi Seabolt

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