Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Day

Hello again.  Thank you to Tom and Elaine Moore for another fantastic fish fry at their home Thursday night. Many of the remaining poker players were invited for the feast.  Thought you'd like to see photos of the folks that are still here enjoying our beautiful spring weather.

Couldn't resist another quick cactus photo from Site 1833 (Greg & Shirley Nelson).  The orange/yellow flowers are just perfect and feel like heavy wax.  The buds surrounding the blossoms should be open soon.  

Remember that hole in the ground at Site 166?  Today the two piece villa home arrived and a small crowd gathered to watch it come together.  Dick Reitz said I needed permission to post his new house on the blog...........but I'm doing it anyway.  He was just joking (I hope).  
Later on our rounds, we spotted mama duck and her young ones in the creek.  They certainly grow fast!
We stopped to say howdy to Avis and while we were there we spotted mama killdeer with one of her chicks.  Avis said there are normally 4 following around behind but we only spotted one today.  Uh Oh.
Isn't he cute!!??  Look at those big feet for such a little chick.  Looks like a little golf ball with legs!
We're at the end of the season.  Summer triple digit temps should arrive soon and we know the annual flowers will not survive the heat and blazing sun so the water has been shut off and we watch the blossoms fade before the plants are pulled.  No sense watering the softball field either as it gets replanted in fall anyway.  Will have photos sometime next week.

Till then...........adios amigos.  

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