Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alpha Rally + More

Today was the final day of the week long Alpha rally.  We served them a "to go" breakfast this morning (coffee, juice, muffin, yogurt, and a banana) and waved goodbye as a long parade of rigs left the park.  What a joy it was to chat with folks as they stopped to say farewell and hear about the wonderful time they had at Palm Creek.  The park (and staff) received rave reviews........especially about the great meals that were served up by Marilyn Goeken and her crew.  Congratulations to all for a very successful event.  Many of the visitors said they already had reservations to come back next year and some are coming for 3-5 month stays because they enjoyed this rally as an introduction to our resort and the many activities that are available during full season.

The rally brought in over 100 white Alpha rigs.  Their agenda included several maintenance seminars, a Dillards fashion show, vendor displays, fire safety, microwave cooking classes, a ladies luncheon, craft classes, an ice cream social, an Alpha club meeting, wine & cheese tasting, and even a pet parade.  They certainly had fun!

Meanwhile, our April weather has been gorgeous!  We had a few windy days but certainly can't complain when we listen to the nasty storms that raced across the rest of the country.  We spent yesterday relaxing on our patio watching the pretty flowers in our yard.

Our side yard looks like a full-fledged nursery with all the plants we're babysitting for the season.  These potted beauties were left behind by their owners hoping they'll survive the summer heat.  At least I can give them a good easy watering.  No guarantees that they'll survive but we'll give it a try so the owners have some greenery for when they return in the fall.
A few plants require some shade and protection from the sun so they'll reside on the patio.

Cactus plants all around the resort are in full bloom.  Aren't they beautiful!!  I'll get more photos this week.

Poker games are still in session albeit a much smaller crowd of 3-4 tables.  We're die-hard fans.

Here is a VERY interesting story about one of our very special residents!  Do you know Maurice Parobec?  Maurice (called Mo by many friends) is an avid softball player, wins medals at pickleball and tennis, plus is a challenger at the duplicate bridge table.  His special story is that he is the recipient of a full heart transplant.  That's why you'll see him wear a chest protector out on the softball field.  

Maurice is living proof that organ donation is a true gift of life.


In 2012 I heard about the Canadian Transplant games in Calgary.  I registered and participated in volleyball, floor hockey, tennis, badminton, table tennis, shotput, ball throw and 4 x 100m relay.  I got six gold and four silver medals.  More importantly, I met 150 transplant recipients from all walks of life who had gone through the same process of almost dying and because a donor was available, we survived.  The stories we shared were all too familiar.  It was like a reunion of people who went through similar near death experiences to be alive and healthy.

This summer from July 28 through August 4, I have registered for the World Transplant Games in Durban South Africa.  I consider Palm Creek as my training ground in preparation for the games.  The five sports I am participating in are team volleyball, team golf, singles tennis, singles badminton and singles table tennis.  There are 69 countries that have participated in these games with between 1500 and 2500 athletes.  I cannot wait to meet these athletes and embrace their stories and energy.

The cost of this trip is quite expensive.  In order to receive any support from the Canadian Transplant or BC Transplant association, I must show that I am actively promoting organ donations.  I urge everyone to register to become an organ donor.  Talk to family and friends about the benefits of organ donation.

You can also email Alicia Young at to tell her how I am promoting organ donation at Palm Creek not only for BC residents but for Canadians and Americans alike.  I am living proof that organ donation works.

Read Maurice's full story and follow his blog to the World Transplant Games in Durbin, South Africa.  Keep this link in your favorites:  Maurice Parobec


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