Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The only times I've played shuffleboard were on the deck of a cruise ship sailing through the ocean until early this season when Don and I decided to give it a try here at the park.  While it is the same game as it was on the ship, it certainly isn't the same top notch quality we find here at Palm Creek.  Here the courts are highly maintained, dusted, waxed, and prepped before playing every day.  You barely have to push that puck before it goes sailing way down to the other end.  We soon learned we were truly amateurs at the sport as it takes a practiced touch to get the disk to land in the squares at the end of the court.  Is it fun??  You bet it is!

All the folks we met at the courts were super friendly and encouraged us to join them at play.  Give it a try.  You don't need a partner to go with you as teams are formed by the luck of the draw.  You'll soon have a whole new circle of friends and another opportunity to enjoy our beautiful Arizona weather.  Thank you, Irene Clise, for sending these photos.  Shuffle on!!
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