Sunday, March 04, 2012

New Bird Sighting

We bird watchers are excited and delighted to spot a new bird in the resort.  If you go up to the big pool and watch toward the top of the palm trees, you'll soon see at least three of these beautiful Acorn Woodpeckers flitting from tree to tree as they bring in small acorns from the oak trees.  The clown-faced Acorn Woodpecker is a common bird of western oak forests. It lives in extended family groups, and all members of the group spend hours and hours storing thousands of acorns in carefully tended holes in trees and telephone poles.  

Howard Johnson spent some time with camera in hand and was able to capture three good photos for us.  Thanks, Howard!   Now I hope someone can capture an "in flight" photo so we can see the pretty underside of their wings with the black and white patches.  


I copied this photo from the internet so you could see the numerous holes these birds will drill to hold the acorns they accummulate.

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Have you noticed the counter on this blog?  You readers rolled it over 100,000 views!!  That's awesome!  Try to remember to click in the little check box below the daily post.  It's fun for me to see how many log on to that particular day. 

I discovered that it is not just residents that visit the sight ... but extended families check in to see the action as well.  I found this cute message in my guestbook this week from Jim Ranniger's family back in Colorado:

"What a wonderful place to keep track of what my folks are doing! I get many e-mails from my folks talking about all the fun activities. With your blog I can see what they've been up to. Keep up the good work. We "kids" needs to make sure our retired parents are staying out of trouble."

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