Monday, March 26, 2012

End of Season

My how time does fly!  It was time for the final farewell party already.  The weather was absolutely perfect and attendance was very high.  Great time for everyone.

We had a small car show and some mighty fancy motorcycles on display.  This big Harley belongs to Pasquale who works in the Maintenance Department. 
Pasquale told me the story about the bell mounted on his bike and explained that when you get a new bike, a friend gives you a bell as a good luck charm to keep you safe.
Lots of cars on display.  You know the famous saying about "Boys and their toys!"

Great music.

Trike riding contests.
AND...for the first debut, a dunking tank where organizations and departments got a chance to dunk their leader.  We even sent our General Manager, Wendell Johnson, for a dive into the tank.  Marilyn Roemer was brave enough to walk up and punch the target!  Be careful, Marilyn.....he knows where you live. 

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