Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Blast From The Past

Congratulations to Betty Roussy and her entire chorus of dedicated singers, musicians, and stage hands for a wonderful night of entertainment.  We need to give Betty full credit for the many many hours of work she puts into managing a presention like this.  We don't stop to think about the dedication involved as it is not only choosing the music, arranging the singers, choreographing the transition between songs, scheduling a room for rehearsals, HOURS of rehearsals, writing the program handouts, overseeing costumes, communications between players, etc.  So much work goes into each performance.  It is truly a LABOR OF LOVE.

We even had a special guest singer!

YMCA had the crowd singing and performing a well.

Speaking about dedication, congratulations also to the MANY folks who orchestrated the annual HUGE pickleball tournament last weekend. I strolled down Cole Circle on my way home, I always enjoy the view of our local mountains.  I truly enjoy living here!

Have a GREAT day, everyone!
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