Friday, June 10, 2011

Tour around the park

I collected a bunch of photos I took as we tour around the park on our housewatch errands.  It’s always interesting to see what’s going on in the area and who is out playing or working.  Folks we meet also laugh and/or groan when they see me with camera in hand.

The trunks of the palm trees are getting a hair cut.  We have a LOT of palm trees and trimming the bark to keep them neat is a massive chore.  Thank you to our devoted landscape crew for their hard dusty work in the hot sun.

tree trim blog

blog tree trim

blog tree trim

There is a lot of construction and digging over on Oasis as they prepare a lot for a new house.  Can’t let the channel get dirty so here’s a photo of getting it cleaned up.


Our landscape crew spend a lot of time walking through the park with shovel in hand to dig up troublesome weeds….not only from public areas but in resident’s yards as well.  The place would look like a wild jungle without their diligence at keeping down the weeds.

Thurlow 1052 blog


We can usually catch somebody out on the golf course enjoying our cool mornings.  Today we found the two Harriets… spells her name with two Ts so she is called “Double T”.  Say Good Morning!

Harriet blog

BJ Rasmussen was out to take Homer and Shirley’s dog for a walk while she puppy sits for them.

BJ blog

We stopped to chat with the solar guys and they say 1582 is the 5th house in the park to receive solar panels.  It will be interesting to see how they rate the savings on the solar use after they’ve been installed for a while.

solar 1523 blog

solar 1523 blog

solar 1523 blog

We see Dish Network trucks in the park every day too.  I stopped by to chat with this crew and they said they are upgrading the television connections right now.  Hopefully, a decision will be made soon about installing fiber optic cable for better internet use.

Dish blog

Dish blog

We stopped by the maintenance shop so I could ask Dave Witten a couple questions about the compost pile.  I’ll be doing a separate blog entry about that as soon as I gather more information. 

dave crew blog

It’s always a pleasure to run into Fernando and hear about the projects they’re working on.

crew blog

Our Garden Club has disbanded for the summer as there’s not much for us to do anymore.  Jim Dawson or someone from his crew picks the ripening tomatoes and takes them to the front office every day.  They’re in a big basket up there for anyone who wants them.  YUM YUM YUM    My favorite snack is a tomato sandwich….just bread with some light mayo, slices of tomato, and lots of salt and pepper.  The cucumbers from the garden were sensational but we didn’t plant nearly enough as far as I’m concerned.  I’m going to vote for lots more next season.  Zucchini will be ready for harvest soon along with a bunch of different kinds of peppers.

Tomatos blog

As soon as our chores are done, it’s time for lunch, answering emails, etc. and then Don is off to the pool hall and I have some time to work on the blog!  Makes for a lovely day.

pool room blog

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  1. Sounds like y'all are having a great summer. Thanks again for keeping us infomed!


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