Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello to Summer

I think it is time for me to stop bragging about our wonderful weather.  Don’t get me wrong…..I still love it here and prefer this to your sweltering humidity and tornados, but I can’t “brag” about these triple digits.  106 degrees is hot.  You can be sure that swimming pool feels wonderful as soon as the sun goes down.

Hot temp blog

This morning was pretty special as all Palm Creek residents were invited to Chick-fil-A for FREE breakfast compliments of the owner, Nathan Vickroy.  It was very nice as we met so many friends who also took advantage of the invitation.  Duh……….I could kick myself…………..never even thought to take out my camera and get some great photos!  Dang!  Anyway, it was very nice and much appreciated by all.  Consider this a plug of advertising for Nathan’s establishment located alongside the Target store at the Promenade Mall.  Stop in for breakfast somtime.


The new home going in at 1846 really went up fast!  I showed some photos earlier about digging in that site and cleaning out the channel.  Check the progress by these pictures.

blog 1846  Monday, June 13

blog 1846 Tuesday, June 14

IMG_3381 Today, June 16

This looks like a new villa or village home.  No wonder they had to do so much digging and prepping the site to get it in there.  I couldn’t get a better photo because the trucks were parked in front so I’ll post more next time.  Site 1846 is near the south end of Oasis.


We met up with a couple other folks who were out enjoying the early morning cool temps so since I had a camera in my hand…………say hello to them.

golfers blog

Priscilla blog

I know we’re asked not to feed the fish because they get spoiled by our treats and don’t clean up the algae like they’re supposed to do but it is obvious that they’re used to folks giving them a handout.  We stopped just to look today and found them begging for a handout.  This grackle flew over to greet us too. 

fish blog

fish blog

He’s a handsome fellow, isn’t he??

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