Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Having Fun

These cool mornings are just wonderful and give us plenty of time to play outdoors before it heats up in the afternoon.  Here are a few shots I took while out on my morning rounds today.

golf blog           LeRoy Weaver, Sandy Morin, Natalie Aaron

golf blog

golf bingo blog           Popkorn and Larry Burke

tennis blog           Tennis

swim blog           Water Aerobics

We enjoy some indoor events also including a great bingo game last night.  AND….guess who got anointed as a new caller!

Bingo     Bingo Lauren (aka Bingo Instructor)

We had over 30 people present which is good count considering we compete with the poker games on the same night.  Winners were awarded $7 per game with the final blackout game paying $56.  That $56 jackpot sounds good BUT…..it had to be shared among the 7 people who all yelled bingo on the same number.  It was a very unusual game as we had to call 68 of the 75 numbers before a bingo was reached.  It was a fun night to spend with friends.  Thank yous go to Flo for taking the time to set up and monitor the event, to Lauren for teaching me how to run the bingo board, Linda Berry for her role as supervisor & ticket seller, Ellen Fandrich for call back, and Diane Gaines for setting up the popcorn and pop.

Bingo           This Bingo board looks rather intimidating!



By the way…………those new sprinklers seem to work great!

sprinklers blog


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