Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Gatherings

Greetings to one and all! 

Happy Fathers Day!  We enjoyed a delicious meal of brisket, fried potatoes, cole slaw,and a most delicious apple spice cake for dessert.  The men in the crowd were greeted at the door with a free beer or choice of fruit punch. 


I’ve never been a fan of brisket for dinner as it has always proven to be tough or stringy…..but I must say, this meal was really very good.  The brisket was prepared at Tom’s BBQ Restaurant over on Cottonwood and it was great.  I guess they cook it for over 8 hours.  They brought a big jug of BBQ sauce that we could put over it, but Linda Balzan also made a most delicious horseradish sauce that was even better.  I heard that the wonderful apple spice cake was a recipe from the new upcoming Palm Creek cookbook and was donated by Gene Berry.  It was awesome!  Thank you, Gene, for sharing!  According to the recent park news letter, the cook books will be available sometime in mid July.  Call Diane Gaines at 8969 or guest services to reserve your copy.  ($20)



Summer Solstice Pool Party

At 105 degrees today it was perfect weather for a pool party.  Lots of folks showed up to enjoy a water pistol barrage and a fun game of volleyball along with (of course) a lot of delicious food.

Newsy Newsletter this month!

1.  New water machines are being installed at the north and south laundries and behind the ballroom.  North and ballroom machines will accept $1 bills.

2.  The owls across the street are going to be relocated by Wildlife Rescue to a new habitat.  I was so hoping it would be over here on our side of Henness Road so we could stay close but the agency says they will announce the new location later.  The local Boy Scouts will be helping with the move.

3.  The compost pile will be relocated further to the northeast area of the resort.  I have a blog story coming about the ongoing program but need more time to write.

4.  Creek cleaning has taken longer than anticipated but will show a big improvement in the future.

5.  We’re having a pizza luncheon on Tuesday, June 28 at 11:30.

6.  July 4 BBQ will be served with brats, burgers, baked beans, mac and cheese, etc..

7.  Favorite casserole night will be Wednesday, July 27 in the ballroom.

8.  Next park Bingo is set for Monday, July 18.

9.  Pool parties are planned for each Tuesday night at 6:00.

10.  A reminder was posted to NOT feed the birds, the fish, ferrell cats, rabbits or other wildlife.

11.  Chick-fil-A is hosting ANOTHER free breakfast for Palm Creek residents on July 21 and again on August 18.

12.  Luminaire bag decorating starts again in the Zuni Room Monday thru Friday from 10am – 3pm.

13.  Palm Creek cook books go on sale in mid July for $20.  Sign up now to reserve a copy.

14.  Pre-emergence weed spraying will begin next month in an effort to handle those determined Arizona weeds.

Those are most of the items listed in our newest newsletter.  When I get some time this weekend, I’ll scan and post the whole paper for you. 

With all this in mind, don’t ask what we do with all our free time in the summer months.  We’re busy!



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