Sunday, September 12, 2010

News Articles

What a beautiful morning for coffee on the patio!  Wonderful 70+ degee temp, beautiful blue sky, palm trees gently swaying in a light breeze.  Life is GOOD!
Not a lot happening on a Sunday morning but I have a couple newspaper articles you might find of interest.
The Animal Hospital has a new building and updated facilities.  That’s good news for those of us with furry friends.
Chick-Fill-A is opening Thursday of this week.  I just checked out their menu on-line to see what they’ll be serving.  Since chicken is my favorite meat of choice, I’m thinking I’ll be a good customer for them and it sounds like they’ll have several good chicken sandwiches available.  I doubt very much though that I’ll be among those folks camping out overnight to be first in line.  First 100 customers get a year’s supply of free meals. 
chickArt In The Alley will be back this season.  For you newbies, mark your calendars for the first Tuesday of each month to go downtown for this event.  It’s fun to peruse the antique autos, tour through all the arts and crafts booths, listen to the live entertainment, or have a good meal at one of the downtown restaurants.  They’re also trying to build up a farmer’s market at this event.  I clipped this article for you.
artin alley
Hey….someone wrote a cartoon about my cat!  How did they know her so well??
CAT in or out cleanHave a GREAT day and thanks for checking in at “the Blog”.

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