Thursday, September 16, 2010


I believe I will hereby name Bill Wrightson as an “official” news reporter/photographer for this blog as he is a wealth of info and photos.   Bill was a successful professional golfer so has a vested interest in our Palm Creek fairways and greens.  He spends many volunteer hours out there on the course helping the grounds crews by providing their “hydration station” loaded with Gatorade during these hot summer days in the full Arizona sunshine.
The course (front nine first) is going through its annual process of being scalped and reseeded so it is ready for our winter visitors to enjoy.  But Bill says the BEST news is that all the sand traps are being dug out and replaced with REAL sand.  He is very excited over this and says our golfers will truly appreciate this latest upgrade to the course.  It is no easy task to accomplish this, however, as each trap needs to be dug out and prepped. 
bill 004
Then comes truck load after truck load of sand that has to be delivered to the course.  That’s a long way to haul all that sand.
bill 008 bill 010Each trap will contain 4-6 inches of sand.
bill 014
Here is a finished trap, filled and raked on the left of Hole #6.
bill 016 Bill has repeatedly commented on the wonderful job Jeff  Eckart has done this year as our greens keeper.  The greens are in awesome condition for an Arizona summer when we have had very little rain and a LOT of HOT weather.  This is #11 green plus other scenic views.
bill 043 bill 045 bill 050 More course improvements are underway as well.  There has been a lot of digging, patching, and installation of drainage to prevent wet spots.  The entry way to Hole #1 is undergoing a renovation.  Trees and landscaping will be installed to the left of the flags in this photo.  This will be a great “before” shot and I’m sure Bill will provide an “after” view for us later.
bill 058 While Jeff did a wonderful job with the course and landscaping, he has now moved on and is no longer on staff.  The grapevine tells me that a gent from corporate (Jim Dawson) is overseeing things for now and he has an on-site man – Fernando – who will be taking over at least temporarily.  Remember----everything I type here is from a resident grapevine and is not official so if I mistype anything, I’ll be the first to apologize.
The next time you drive by Bill’s house, check out the #6 greens marker he has displayed in his front flower bed.  He salvaged this and refurbished it when new markers were installed as it holds a warm spot in his heart…..fond memories of getting a hole-in-one TWICE on #6.
bill 056
I know many of you like to have your house washed and cleaned before you arrive, but if you live on the golf course, now is NOT the time to do that.  Scalping and reseeding is a nasty job and really kicks up the desert dusty soil.  That’s why Bill is so dedicated to providing his hydration station.
bill3 006
bill2 001
bill2 002
bill2 003
bill2 004 bill2 005 bill2 006 bill2 007bill2 010 bill2 011
Check the before and after scalping on #6.  Scalping not only the grass, but check out the difference in palm trees too. 
bill 027 bill2 012 Every tree and shrub gets pruned.
 bill2 009 Stay tuned for more to come!

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