Saturday, September 04, 2010


WOW…..the ladies turned out in mass today to decorate luminary bags.  The pressure is on to have about 5000 of them decorated and ready for the big Cancer Awareness event in February. These dedicated gals spend every Sunday afternoon up in the Zuni room clipping, gluing, painting and designing decor for each bag.  You won’t find any two alike!   For those of you who are new and not familiar with the process, look in the blog archive section under February 8, 2010 for all the details and a review of last season. 

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FYI – If you ever want to search for a special topic on a blog, notice that there is a small search box in the upper left corner of the screen.  Just type in a key word and the event will be brought forward.  The time is drawing near for our winter visitors to return.  Ranger Bob is around applying our new 2011 stickers on our car windshields.  My PT Cruiser proudly boasts number 16.  I asked Bob who was lucky enough to be number 1 and he just smiled.  I’m going to check out his vehicle next time I see him.

blog 002We discovered another village home being installed at Site #1316.  You’ll be surprised to see the number of new homes that appeared this summer.

Be sure to check out the Palm Creek website and see the fancy new calendar feature that has been added.  Click on the little calendar square on the front page….there is a calendar for events, one for activities, and one for sports.  It’s an awesome new feature.  Someone….probably Diane Gaines….has put in a tremendous amount of work on this.

Now I must take a moment to brag about my son, Anton and publicly say “thank you” to him.  He is temporarily residing in Casa Grande so comes to visit us and help his “invalid” parents.  Don by the way is recovering nicely….thanks again for all the cards and letters and phone calls and emails with words of encouragement and support.  We noticed on the last rainy day about two weeks ago that our eaves troughs were completely clogged with dirt and debris from our palm tree…..and nesting attempts from the doves.  Anton was gracious enough to brave the blazing sun and clean out the gutters for us today!  Later after a welcomed shower and a gallon of gatorade, he then cooked a delicious dinner for us out on the grill…on our newly cleaned patio.  Dinner was GREAT as you can see from these photos.  Are you all jealous now?            Thank you, Anton!!

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  1. Kris Riedel8:51 AM

    Sounds like Anton should become a
    permanent resident of Casa Grande!
    What did he cook??


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