Monday, September 27, 2010

More Work Photos

I saw more action up at the front entrance to the park this week so had to stop for some photos.  Looks like we have some bushes for those front entrance planters and colorful flowers will be placed in front.  Lots of work goes into preparing a bed for planting. 

Fustino from our PC landscape crew prepared and planted the front beds all by himself!
  bill 036
bill 001
The front nine is completed.  We saw skids of seed bags strategically placed along the route and noticed that they had to cover all the new sand traps before seeding. 
blog 004
blog 005
It was fascinating to learn the intricate process involved with seeding the greens and tee boxes.  To assure a proper dispersal of seed, the path of the spreaders is marked with paint to assure that no area is missed.  Then they go in the opposite direction, and again diagonally.  If you zoom in and look closely at these next two photos, you’ll see the marks on the ground.
bill 032
bill 034
Next comes the watering process.  Water. Water. Water.
bill 025
bill 027
bill 029
We had a different  crew of tree monkeys to watch this week.  This crew debarked the palms.  I stopped and asked why as I wanted to be sure about the info.  The trees are skinned for appearance.  Yes, it also helps eliminate insects, but the primary reason is for appearance and neatness.  In addition to trimming higher on the trees along Oasis, they also skinned the trees at the rose garden.
 bill 005
Remember the new tree in front of the office entrance that I showed a few days ago??  (Hong Kong Orchid).  My chief photographer (Bill Wrightson) got some action shots of it being planted.  Thought you might enjoy seeing the process.
bill 006
bill 008
Had to measure the tree and the hole to make sure it was deep enough.
bill 009
That’s a big tree with a HEAVY dirt ball around it.
bill 014
Now measure to make certain it is exactly centered in the planter.
bill 018
bill 019
Final results!  Whew!
bill 031
As well as planting trees, Fernando is quick on the trigger to remove any trees that are in the way or that aren’t growing well.  A few palms have seen their demise.
bill 023
Any day now I’m expecting to see truck loads of flowers arrive.  Last year they placed a whole herd of flats of beautiful flowers in the parking lot by the Street of Dreams until they could be planted.  It’s quite overwhelming to see them all in one area.  The front entrance is being prepped with new underground sprinkler systems and I have people on alert to let me know when they arrive so we have camera in hand.
That’s my update for today.  If I make a post too large, it takes FOREVER to upload and publish.  I bid you farewell for another day.

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