Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Storm and a Movie

WOW!!! We actually had a real thunderstorm last night with real rain and quite a bit of it. I planned on attaching a picture of a true rain puddle but slept in till 8:00 this morning and the puddles are gone. That’s surprising too because we had a lot of rain last night. There was a small river running down our street so I thought surely the golf course would be flooded. I guess it’s been so dry that everything soaked in immediately. That’s the first significant rainfall we’ve had since last September. I bet those saguaros out there in the desert are soaking it in for all they’re worth. There’s a nice breeze this morning and its not even 90 yet. The forecast says we’ll have a couple days below 100 this week. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Desert storms are quite magnificent. Don and I sat on the patio for a long time to watch the sky full of lightning. It was like a giant strobe light with lightning all around us. It was distant because we couldn't hear thunder at first. Then came the strong wind which brought the storm directly overhead along with the loud crashes of thunder. Awesome, but downright scary at times.

Don took me to dinner and a movie to celebrate my birthday. We didn’t want to travel all the way to Chandler so stayed in town and went to the mall cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean. I wasn’t expecting much out of the show, but we surprisingly really enjoyed it. Thought it was very entertaining with incredible special effects and costumes. Captain Sparrow is a real hoot. Those of you who have been to the Casa Grande theater can understand when I say its even in worse shape than it was before. Oh my gosh. I felt like I needed a disinfectant shower by the time we left. The sad news is that there’s still no ground breaking or signs of a new theater coming our way. We still had a good time and just laughed when we had to peel our shoes off the sticky floor to depart.

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