Friday, July 14, 2006

Hot Weather Activity

Whew! Is it hot! 113 again today and no relief in sight. The good news is that we still manage to have fun.

Today I attended a beading class conducted by BJ. BJ has been in the beading business for mega years so has a vast collection of beads and all the trinkets and dodads it takes to make jewelry and anything else associated with beads. She loves to teach classes and despite my hesitation at jewelry making, I'm afraid she has me hooked. I don't even wear much jewelry so didn't think I'd be interested, but she has me hooked and I find it very entertaining and just plain fun. The comraderie of getting together with a group and learning together adds to the enjoyment. We're all hoping that BJ will teach classes this coming season here at Palm Creek. My bet is that she'd have a waiting list of students eager to attend. Then we could all go downtown to Ruthie's store called the Gingerbread House to get our beads and supplies.

BJ & Sue Sally, Karen, me, Stella, and Pat

Look at our pretty new necklaces and earrings!

About 7:00 every night, you can find our "bobber club" at the pool for a refreshing respite from the heat. We're called the bobber club because we basically just bob around with our styrofoam noodles and converse about the latest news.

Here's Stella, Verna, Mike, Peggy, Jan, me....and that's Aldo under the surface. He always brings along his floating jug filled with his secret potion. Thank you, Bruce, for taking our photo.

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