Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Indoor Activity

Here's another Palm Creek indoor activity very worthy of note. Frank and Joanie Cichon (Site 1705) spend lots of time in the woodworking shop creating beautiful masterpiece bowls. I am in awe of their talent and finished products. Their hobby starts by choosing just the right kind of wood for their project, then cutting it into the precise sized pieces, gluing it together into rings, and then grinding it down into their finished bowl. Take a close look at the workmanship involved in the process. Congratulations Joan and Frank!

Speaking of hobbies....I'm afraid BJ really has me hooked on her bead making stuff. I spent a couple hours at the kitchen table last night. Look at my pretty creations!! Thank you, BJ for being such a great instructor. I look forward to more lessons!

I keep talking about all the pretty cactus plants found here in the park. I hope Pauline and Len have had a chance to see theirs in bloom.

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