Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Home Again

We're back home after visiting our kids in Ohio. What a wonderful time we had! Our new RV was perfect for this kind of trip and all went better than expected for the 16 days we were gone. (Details of the trip are posted in the Hepler Journal. See link on right edge of this blog page.)

Whew! Is it ever hot here. Temps are in the triple digits every day and the humidity is up to 30-40%. It wasn't so bad in the spring because it still cooled down at night but that cooling down stuff seems to be over. We're on full air conditioning now. We're officially in the monsoon season as the dewpoint was above 55 for three consecutive days. That is the official start of the season. I hear from the neighbors that we had two significant storms these past two weeks. It was mostly just dirt and dust but there was actually enough rain to get the street wet...about 1/4 inch. Welcome home to the dirt on our patio. Yuck. I just took a hose and washed everything down to make it livable again. The whole house needs a thorough washing, but it can surely wait till September when this storm season is over. Thank you, Ralph and Peggy, for keeping an eye on the homestead while we were away.

We were only gone two weeks but it’s amazing to see how much construction was done. There are new park models all over the place! There are six new village homes and I understand there are at least six more on the way. There are quite a few holes dug for upcoming homes so the area looks like giant gophers at work.

New village homes on Mountain Mirage Lane, Sites 1310, 1311, and 1312.

More home sites being prepared.

This is the view from the north end of the golf course. Thse sites were all empty in the spring. Almost all the golf course lots are filled.

This one looks like a new style of park model with the big bay window on the front.

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