Friday, July 21, 2006

Arizona Weather

Welcome to Arizona summer temps. It's 2:30 in the afternoon so we have two more hours to reach our high for the day. Our thermometer reads 114. To quote a well known saying: "But it's a dry heat." Our handy dandy weather machine reads 3% humidity today.

Our bobber club still gathers at the pool every night around 7:00 to discuss the day's events. One night last week, we commented about the temperature of the water coming from our faucets at home. The cold water faucet feels the same as the hot water. It never does get cool because the pipes are so warm even under ground. To take advantage of that, I experimented by shutting off our hot water heater. Thought I'd give it a try and only turn it on when I wanted to shower. Three days later, I realized that I hadn't given the hot water heater a thought in several days. It was turned off and we didn't even realize it. Dishwater, wash machine, and showers are very comfortable without a water heater! See? I knew this heat was good for something.

We had a dandy dust storm this week. As many as I've seen, I still am amazed to watch them. There can be strong winds, lightning, thunder, storm clouds, and.........dirt. No rain. Just dirt. The dust storms come and go with little warning. The one this week came late in the afternoon so the sunset was utterly spectacular. Look at the red sky!! It was awesome!

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