Thursday, April 06, 2017

Welcome to April

April and October seem to be our favorite months of the year when it comes to Arizona weather.  I feel sad for some of our residents that have to leave now and head back home where the weather isn't as welcoming.  Shirley Beck just texted me this photo as they head north to Canada.  She offered to package up some of that white stuff and ship it to me but I politely declined.

April 5 and the crews are busy at work dismantling the sewing room and getting it ready to move to its new location.  I see John Blount and his crew assisting the air conditioning and the electricians.

I went for a bike ride this morning just to enjoy the beautiful weather, clear sky, and 75 degree temperature.  Had to stop and take some pictures of the many cactus blossoms.  Back home you'll see daffodils and lilacs but we have cactus blooms galore.

The bees are busy as can be.

Every now and then we come across another plant that surprises us.  Somewhere someone might know the name of this plant but I certainly don't.  Very unusual.

This is the week of the Good Sam rally here.  Our rangers have been busy directing the 75-85 rigs that will be attending from April 5-9.  The Good Sam folks have invited all Palm Creek residents to join in on their rally by attending seminars, events, and entertainment.  Very nice!  


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