Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Map of New Section

These new maps and diagrams are available in the sales office.  It shows more detail of what the new housing section will be.  Nancy Paupst says she already has THREE down payments on lots in the area because people are hurrying to get the larger lots.

This diagram shows the lot numbers in detail so you'll have to zoom in to read the small print.  The red dots indicate the lots already spoken for.

The colored diagram below shows more of what the "green belt" will look like that runs through the area.

We met these gents from APS digging huge holes over on Cactus Drive and Palo Verde.  We stopped to chat and asked if they were digging for gold but their reply wasn't near that exciting.  They're running a new electric line over to the light pole on the corner.  

Again, I made Don stop for a quick photo of a cactus in bloom.  Mother Nature amazes me with tall green stalks of cactus and then suddenly out of nowhere she sends brilliant tiny blooms and flowers.

Such delicate intricate blossoms among the thorns.

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