Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Phase 3 Information


  Obviously, we are always curious about what’s going on at Palm Creek.  Since we were very impressed with the planned revisions scheduled to be carried out this summer, we decided to investigate further.   

This picture shows the proposed project.   

You'll notice there are yellow, blue, and green stars on some of the lots.  These are considered the prime lots and therefore have a one-time lot fee. 

Yellow Stars = $5000 
Blue Stars = $10,000 
Green Stars =$15000 

The red stars denote temporary RV sites. 

Some of these lots are huge, some have great views of the Greenbelt, and some are close to doggie parks.  Our new Cavco/Champion Village Homes will fit there comfortably and some of the lots are large enough that there will be space to add a garage if you so desire. 

Home sizes available range from the cottage homes with about 670 ft.² up to the gorgeous Village homes that go up to 1300 ft.². 

In the upper right-hand corner labeled ”A" there will be a swimming pool, a couple of pavilions and a parking area.  In the upper center labeled "B" is a pavilion and a dog park.  Halfway down the page on the right, also labeled “B” is another pavilion and dog park. 

There are a lot of different lot choices depending on what you want.  If you see one you like, you will want to see Nancy in sales right away because she already has deposits on three of them. 

As for the rent, we did a little research and discovered that apartments in Casa Grande go for about $700 to $1300 a month.  There might be some for a little less than that but they’re probably not anyplace we would like to live.  The monthly cost in Palm Creek ranges from $561 a month to $741 a month.  In addition, the annual lot rent includes water and cable which means you will only be responsible for utilities. Trash and sewer are an additional $30 a month but this is only charged for the months you are actually here.   

We're  anxious for construction to begin so we can show you on the blog what progress is being made.   

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