Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Construction Update

It was amazing to watch Fernando at work this morning!  He is a MASTER at manipulating that backhoe.  It is no small project getting that lot ready for the new construction.  They first had to remove all the asphalt on top by breaking it up and hauling it away.  Then the challenging part of removing all the HUGE concrete footings that were underground.  It was time for Fernando and the big tonka toys.  LOL
Click on the big blue link to see the video on You Tube.

These footings were HUGE.  

Next step is to break them up and haul them away.  H&H Concrete will eventually grind them up and the material will be used in a road or other kind of concrete.


As we drove past the lawn bowling court, we noticed that the flowers are gone.  The other flower beds are slowly dying back so flowers will soon be pulled for summer.  

We drove out to the end of the pickleball courts to check on the fence project.  It will take quite a while to get all this old fencing down.  Then they'll start work on the new wall.


Received these pictures this morning from Gleness Batten in Alberta.
Sorry Gleness.  I won't rub it in and tell you how beautiful it is here.  (I'm posting this on my patio while I enjoy a second cup of coffee.  Wonderful 78 degrees with a nice breeze.  Humidity is 7%.)

Brrrrrr............looks cold.


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