Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday Tidbits

Every Wednesday morning the Computer Club meets up at the San Tan room at 9:30. Today’s meeting was presented by President Mike Salter who gave us an updated tour of Google Earth. He showed us a time line of pictures of Palm Creek from 2002 to June of 2011. WOW!! That’s progress.

Here is the most current image taken in June of 2011:


And here is the image taken in 2002.  No buildings north of the north pool.  Not very many park models north of the tennis courts.


Google Earth never ceases to amaze me.  It is really fun to type in the address of where I grew up as a child and then click to see what it looks like today.  Wow. 

Thank you, Mike, for a very interesting and informative meeting. Mike also spent time explaining how our modems and routers worked here in the park and the need for security and passwords. PLUS….we were treated to fresh yummy donuts as our Christmas celebration.

computer club

computer club donuts


After the meeting, it was time for my daily bike ride around the park looking for a news story.  Progress continues on the spec model of the Casita.  RV folks are really anxious to see the completed project. 




One of the greatest joys of living in Palm Creek is the multitude of friendly people.  I stopped by to walk around one of our few remaining house watch homes and found a friendly group at the site next door.  They were just soaking up the sunshine and some friendly chatter.  When I said “howdy” and explained that I was just inspecting, they jumped from their chairs and hurried over to my customer’s home to have their picture taken on the porch.  What a fun picture to send to Vic and Carol when they see their friends anxiously awaiting their return.



Another strong asset of Palm Creek is how nice people keep up their homes and RV sites.  It’s not just Christmas decorations that make the place so attractive but all the little finishing touches.  Here are just a few pictures I took along my ride.



Picasa Sample2


This snowman family picture was taken by Marlene Thurlow from the Photo Club.  I believe the theme was “lights”.

Marlene Thurlow

This “Happy Hour” group located near Cole Circle and Starry Night Lane were building their annual luminaries that will be put out in front of their sites on Christmas Eve.  Be sure to drive by that night to see the pretty display.


OH NO!!!!!

Eddie from the maintenance department just stopped by with some extremely upsetting news!  He found our great horned owl laying out on the golf course this morning!  I actually cried when I saw this magnificent bird.  How SAD!!!


We don’t know what happened to him as there’s not a damaging mark on him anywhere.  What a beautiful and remarkable raptor.




Out of respect for such a wonder of nature, Eddie assured me he would bury the bird rather than just throw it in a dumpster.  I’m sure all you avid readers will be saddened by its demise.  So many of you were awed by the original photo that was posted here.  (Original photo was taken by Bill and Maureen).  So sorry to end today’s post with sad news.

great horned owl

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