Friday, December 09, 2011

Another Day

The weather might be on the cool side but it certainly doesn’t stop folks from having a good time in our heated pools.  Watch the volleyball league in action from this morning.

Palm Creek Water Volleyball (league play)

There was even a referee and a couple line judges. 


We had a great Computer Club meeting last week with Julie Yen from the Casa Grande Public Library as our guest speaker.  Julie explained the different kind of e-readers like Kindle, Nook, ipad, etc. and showed us how easy it was to download books from the library for free.  Watch the Computer Club blog to hear about more upcoming speakers and meeting topics at:

library computer club julie


library computer club

I stopped up at the north gate office to see how things were going now that the north gate is open during the day.  Ken Lane was on duty and had already checked through 40 cars by the time I got there.  The north gate is a convenient way to head the back way to the Promenade Mall.


Have a great day!  Laughing out loud



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