Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More News

I spotted these news signs yesterday and thought they were perfect to post on the blog as they’re good advertising for our ACTIVE senior Disneyland. 

caution sign

caution sign

We all need a steady reminder to SLOW DOWN when driving.  There are many walkers, runners, bike riders, dog walkers, golf carts, and even some on roller blades.  More and more guests are arriving daily so be sure to obey the speed limit and the stop signs.  (That’s our lecture for today.)


I saw some busy members of the “Deadheaders” group yesterday.  These volunteers spend some of their precious spare time busy at work on bended knee to help keep our flower beds in tip top condition.  A special “THANK YOU” goes to ALL of them.



It took some fancy talking to finally get them to pose and smile for the camera.


The new dog run was in active use too.  These canines were happy at play and got a good chance to stretch their legs as they raced back and forth for a good game of fetch.

dog run

dog run

Another thank you goes to Ann Lykens and Palm Creek management for purchasing and installing the new window blinds in the San Tan room.  Now when we watch the projector screen we can get a much better view.  All the shades are controlled by a remote which will be checked out to the group in charge of each meeting.


There weren’t many people at bingo last night………….I suppose because so many are traveling home for the holidays………..and also because the big jackpots were won the week previously.  We had a good time though and helped Flo celebrate her birthday!  Happy Birthday, Flo!  Flo has been in charge of Monday night bingo since its inception many many moons ago.

flo's birthday

She and her hardy group of volunteers made sure we all received our Christmas treat of hot chocolate and cookies. 

bingo treats

Have a GREAT day everyone!


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