Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Concert

Congratulations to Betty Roussey and the entire chorus group for a wonderful program Friday night!!!  All their practice really paid off as the program went without a hitch.  Great singing, great audience participation, cute skits, delicious home made candy and cookies, and an overall lovely evening.  Everyone left in an uplifted and joyous mood.  It was another example of why we love living in Palm Creek.  Betty can often be seen at the Welcome Table on Saturday mornings as she is there with fellow Greeters to welcome folks to our resort.  Stop by and thank her for her contribution to our entertainment.  Better hurry to buy your tickets for the Spring Concert. 

*Note:  My little pocket camera doesn’t do well in the ballroom at night.  I’m hoping to get better photos from a friend so stop back again later for possible update.

Christmas Concert blog

christmas concert blog

Christmas concert blog

Special thank you to Dolores Forbis (piano) and Donna Keay (organ) for sharing your talents.  There are over 45 members of the chorus so can’t list them all here but thank you EVERYONE for a delightful evening. 

Derrick Johnston and his wife, Iris, read a cute poem that Derrick wrote about Palm Creek.  He granted permission to have it posted here.

Derrick & Iris Christmas concert blog




‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the park

The pet section was quiet, not even a bark.

The golf clubs were placed by the RVs with care

In hopes of good weather and calm in the air.


The golfers were nestled all snug in their wee little beds

While birdies and eagles all danced in their wee little heads.

Papa in his tank top, Mama in her shorts

Had bicycled back from the pickleball courts.


When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

The bowlers ran out to see what was the matter.

The bowls and the jacks were all over the place

And Wendell was lying there flat on his face.


Someone had forgotten to put things inside

But nothing was injured except for his pride.

With memos forthcoming as harsh words were spoken

We were just grateful that nothing was broken.


No clang of a horse shoe was heard in the pit.

Tennis courts were all quiet, the players had quit.

Shuffleboard cues were lined up in a row.

The card rooms were dark, no one wanted to sew.


The singers had sung and the writers had written.

Dominoes were all done and the quilters were quitin’

Line dancers were finished and heading home fast.

The beaders were strung out and left the place last.


The pottery wheels were as still as the night

And the stained glass pieces reflected the light

Of a safety lamp shining outside the door

Casting unearthly shadows across the tiled floor.


The front gate was quiet, the rangers were bored.

Some parties were warming as eggnog was poured.

Still others were already done for the day

And bottles and games were all put away.


With swimming pools quiet and spas not abubble

We sat under heaters discussing world trouble.

Economies crumble as politics sicken

World hatred is growing as terror plots thicken.


Perhaps what we don’t need at this time of year

is a world full of toys, new flat screens, and light beer

But a place full of joy from a heart full of love

As we think of the Christ child sent down from above.


If His was a life we would all try to follow

There wouldn’t be promises made that were hollow.

The love for a neighbor would be what we feel

And peace on this earth could be something real.



The author is unknown, but we sang these lyrics to Winter Wonderland.


Palm trees wave, are you listenin’?

In the pool waters glistenin’

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight

Living in  Palm Creek wonderland.


Gone away is the blizzard

Here to stay is the lizard,

A warm sunny day, we like it that way,

Living in a Palm Creek wonderland.


In the desert we will have a picnic,

Cactus, sand and rattlesnakes and sun,

Christmas dinner is an old tradition,

it’s pinto beans and tacos by the ton.


Later on we’ll perspire,

Temperatures rise even higher,

A warm sunny day, we like it that way,

living in a Palm Creek wonderland,

Living in a Palm Creek wonderland.



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  1. Thanks again, Sue for your wonderful blog and thanks to Derrick for a lovely poem!!


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