Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Three Days in a Row


Happy Independence Day to everyone!

July 4 blogThank you to Roger Balzan and Jim Gaines for sweltering out in that 100+ degree heat to cook up our brats and burgers for the July 4 picnic in the ballroom.  We had a delicious luncheon of macaroni and cheese, baked beans, a fresh veggie salad, plus the brats and burgers with all the trimmings.  Top that off with a generous portion of ice cream topped with strawberries and blueberries to add to the festive red, white, and blue atmosphere.

July 4 blog


The weather cooperated nicely in that it waited until our party was all done and folks returned safely to their homes.  Then another dust storm descended upon us and definitely blotted out the sun.  This storm was directly from the south and lasted a lot longer than the other two combined. 

dust storm 7/4/11 blog

dust storm 7/4/11 blog

dust storm 7/4/11 blog

Don has a new “smart phone” that does just about everything……including talking to us.  He has an ap called “weather bug” so we can monitor the weather as it happens.  We watched this storm on his phone hoping to see some rain.  The storm looked big on the map but no rain for us.  Maricopa received some precipitation but that’s as close as we came.

dust storm 7/4/11 blog

Winds were about 25 mph gusting to 30 but nothing serious.  Just a LOT of dirt and dust.  We laughed this morning when Don and I were out for our daily tour.  We hope Mr. Maldonado and his crew are resting up for this fall when you all return and want your houses washed.  Things are pretty messy right now.  In fact, if you know your return date, you may want to give him a call and make sure you are on his calendar.  He and his crew will be busy!

We luckily didn’t find any damage as we did our housewatch tour this morning.  There were a few pieces of skirting blown off and an occasional tipped over BBQ grill but nothing serious. 

wind storm 7/4/11 blog   wind storm 7/4/11 blog

Our maintenance crew must have just groaned when they showed up for work this morning and saw the mess to clean up.  The big pool was so full of dirt that you could see every sweep as they cleaned it up.  I hope it shows in these photos.  You can see exactly where the mud still lies on the bottom and where they have already vacuumed.  Then the entire area gets blown off and washed.  All that work makes me even more grateful that I don’t own a big house with my own pool that I would have to clean myself.  Here I live in the lap of luxury while someone else does all the work.  I love it!

wind storm 7/4/11 blog

wind storm 7/4/11 blog


Retired…………and loving it!

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